Purpose and Goals


Vision: The recognition of Community Health Nurses (CHNs) in Alberta for their unique contributions to the health and well being of all Albertans.

Mission: To advance the profile of community health nursing in Alberta.

Guiding principles: The Canadian Community Health Nurses Professional Practice Model and Standards of Practice (CHNAC 2011) and the Principles of Primary Health Care (WHO, 1978).


CHNAlberta’s Goals

To acknowledge and advance the knowledge, skills and expertise of community health nursing practice in Alberta.

To support and disseminate community health nursing research.

To increase the public's awareness of the knowledge, skills and expertise of CHNs in Alberta.

To create a community of practice for CHNs in Alberta.

To full the requirements of a  College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta (CARNA) Specialty Practice Group (SPG).

To have relationships with other associations interested in community health such as the Alberta Public Health Association (APHA), Community Health Nurses of Canada (CHNC) and Home care Association of Alberta.

To promote CHN certification through Canadian Nurses Association (CNA)

For details, see the CHNAlberta Bylaws (2015)