Board Members

Diana Snell - President 2016-2018


Loraine Telford - Vice President National 2016-2018

Lorraine has been working in various roles to enhance the public's health, with experience in all aspects of the community and public health field (practice, administration, education) and recently is working to bridge the links between public health and primary health care. She is currently working in Alberta Health Services supporting primary care programs to improve service integration and reduce health inequities. 

Lorraine has a background in: Quality Improvement, Program Planning and Evaluation, Health Communication, and Community Health. She taught Community Nursing and health promotion and community development in other programs and faculties at Ryerson University for many years.  Lorraine has been involved in many community health nursing volunteer roles, such as with the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario, the Community Health Nurses Interest Group and the Ontario Public Health Association. After decades of direct service, focused on family health and early childhood interventions, she aims to be involved with CHNAlberta to focus attention on the social determinants of health. She also has a consulting business Health and Family Services founded in 1995. 


Carla Ferreira - Secretary 2016-2018

My name is Carla Ferreira and I joined CHNAlberta in 2013. My role as secretary for CHNAlberta started in 2014. I initially joined CHNAlberta as a way to connect, engage, and learn from other CHNs about matters relevant to this area of specialty. I worked as a Public Health Nurse for Alberta Health Services (AHS) with a focus in well-child and school health nursing. It was not until my role as a Public Health Nurse that I truly understood the extent of nursing scope of practice and saw the many leadership opportunities Registered Nurses can influence. Currently, I work as an instructor in the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Calgary. My career as a nurse educator began when I became a sessional nursing instructor for Mount Royal College in the area of Community Health Nursing. Through this role, I shared my passion for public health, public health nursing, and ethics with nursing students. 






Stephanie Wu - Membership Coordinator 2017-2019


Naomi Chang - Treasurer 2016-2018

My name is Naomi Chang. I am currently a board member and co-treasurer with CHNAlberta. I graduated from University of Calgary in 2008 with my BN. I had the honor of working in public health during my final practicum in 2008 and discovered a strong passion for this area of nursing. My nursing experience includes acute care work from 2007 - 2011 on a pulmonary acute care unit at Peter Lougheed Center and then proceeded to working in public health in 2010; I worked out of Village Square Community Health Center for 6 years before moving over to East Calgary Health Center August of 2016. My acute care experience provided valuable nursing experience and further reinforced my passion for community health. As a public health nurse I work primarily in school health; I have worked with approximately 30 schools in the northeast and southeast parts of Calgary, Alberta. I enjoy working with school communities and families through health promotion and prevention opportunities as well as community development. CHNAlberta has been an excellent organization to be a part of and I am so grateful for the opportunities to connect with other public health nurses, to advocate and share ideas that promote community health nursing. 




Leah Boulton-Chaykowski - Treasurer 2016-2018

Hi, I am Leah Boulton-Chaykowski and I am the co-treasurer for CHNAlberta. I am a community health nurse with a focus on school health, working in the Calgary area. 

I joined CHN Alberta so I could connect with other community health nurses. I have had the great opportunity to be supported by CHNAlberta in my endeavour to write the CNA community health nurse exam. This included financial support and support with creating an exam study group with other CHN's throughout the province. 






Melissa Maslyk - Communications Coordinator 2017-2019

I am the Communications Coordinator for CHNAlberta! I joined the board in 2017 because I wanted to expand my social-professional network while also developing deeper, meaningful connections with other Registered Nurses in my practice setting.  Since becoming a member of CHNAlberta, I have had the opportunity to build a strong network of colleague support, which  has been a rewarding, enriching experience that also enhances my nursing practice.  
I am also a Community Health Nurse working in a rural First Nation community. I have a passion for public health nursing and the Social Determinants of Health. I love working in collaboration with individuals, families and communities as they strive to live at their greatest life potential. My core nursing values include: leadership, mentorship, advocacy, service, health equity, resilience, social justice and human dignity.  I feel privileged to not only work in, but also volunteer with, organizations that embody and advocate many of these nursing values. 






Karen Wilson - Home Health Practice Lead 2017-2019


Wendy Timmermans - Member at Large 2016-2018

I am currently employed as a Public Health Care Manager with AHS – I oversee five sites, including Thornhill in North Calgary and rural sites of Airdrie, Didsbury, Strathmore and Chestermere.

In 2014, I was very fortunate to be supported by CHNAlberta in my endeavor to achieve my community health certification – something that had been a career goal for me. Through that process, I met other community health nurses from across the province. It was an opportunity that I really value as I gained a broader perspective of the shared values, experiences and challenges we face as community health nurses province-wide.  I really wanted to continue that dialogue; when I was approached by CHNA to become a board member, it was an offer I couldn’t refuse.

As community health nurses, every day we see the impact of social determinants of health upon our clients. We strive to create better health outcomes and healthier environments. CHNAlberta is a venue that brings us together to discuss, create and charter new directions locally, provincially and federally to strengthen our practice and better meet the health needs of our communities. Being part of CHNA affords me that opportunity, and I’m grateful for it!



Margo Butterfield - Member at Large 2016-2018

I have been a Public Health Nurse in Alberta for 15 years, working in a variety of settings including First Nations and Inuit Health, International Travel, Communicable Disease, Teen & Young Adult Health, and as a generalist PHN in the Well Child, Maternal Newborn, and School Health Programs. I am currently employed as a generalist PHN in Lacombe, AB.  
At this point in my career, I have become interested in learning more about the larger family of Community Health Nurses in Alberta and how we can support each other with a common goal of positively influencing population health. This is why I am involved on the CHNAb Executive Board. Becoming a Member-At-Large has been a great learning experience for me and an opportunity to get involved in the broader Community Health forum in Alberta.




Carolyn Hayes - Member at Large 2016-2018


Teresa Cavanaugh - Member at Large 2016-2018



  • Vice President Provincial 
  • Public Health Practice Lead
  • Education Coordinator


Board Member Descriptions

Duties of President: The President shall supervise the business and affairs of the CHNAlberta and represent it during her or his term in office. The President shall be an ex-officio member of all committees and perform all duties incidental to the office. The President shall preside at all meetings of the Executive Board and general membership.

Duties of Past-President: The Past-President shall act as an advisor to the President and Executive Board and as the CHNAlberta historian. The Past-President shall chair the nominating committee.

Duties of the Vice-President National: The Vice-President shall be the designated representative for CHNAlberta at the national CHNC meetings. The Vice-President National may preside at meetings and fulfill the duties of President in the absence of the President. The Vice-President National may become President in the successive term of office.

Duties of the Vice-President Provincial: The Vice-President Provincial shall create provincial opportunities to recruit, collaborate, and build capacity with members. The Vice-President Provincial shall support the Practice Leads to align new knowledge and other practice innovations within the organization, and be the liaison with CARNA including assisting the President to write the annual SPG report and updates for the CARNA Provincial Council. The Vice-President Provincial may preside at meetings and fulfill the duties of President in the absence of the President. The Vice-President Provincial may become President in the successive term of office.

Duties of Secretary: The Secretary shall be responsible for all correspondence and records and keep accurate minutes of all CHNAlberta meetings. The Secretary shall submit notices of meetings for publication to the AlbertaRN and other publications and through the CHNAlberta online communication resources.

Duties of the Membership Coordinator: The Membership Coordinator shall keep an up-to-date electronic record of CHNAlberta membership and be responsible for membership renewals. The Membership Coordinator shall be responsible for enrolling and updating CHNAlberta members in online communication resources. The Membership Coordinator shall be responsible for liaisoning with the CHNC membership coordinator.

Duties of the Treasurer: The Treasurer shall select a suitable bank and arrange signing authority. The Treasurer shall maintain accurate account of CHNAlberta funds and prepare an annual budget and year end report for approval by the Executive Board.

Duties of the Communication Coordinator: The Communication Coordinator shall be responsible for the creation, safekeeping, and distribution of the CHNAlberta display and promotional materials. The Communication Coordinator shall oversee any communication with members including online communication resources, membership promotion, and the promotion of educational events.

Duties of the Education Coordinator: The Education Coordinator shall be responsible for creating and promoting various online and face to face opportunities for CHNAlberta members to engage with each other, speakers/facilitators, and/or the Board of Directors. The Education Coordinator shall coordinate the development of CHNAlberta education events and activities.

Practice Leads Public and Home Health Nursing (2): The Practice Leads shall work in partnership to identify and explore ways to reinforce reflective practice, and review practice documents from various sources including CARNA, CNA, and PHAC. The Practice Leads shall provide interpretation of and encourage utilization of the national CHN standards and competencies and CNA certification requirements, and ensure that the organization's goals are reflected in the promotion of the CHN Standards and Competencies

Members at Large: Members at Large shall be responsible for participating in board activities and committees. Members at large shall provide input and advice to the Executive Board committees on issues relevant to their practice and/or geographic area including urban and rural areas, and various practice areas.