What are the roles and responsibilities of CHNAlberta’s Executive Board?

Duties of President: The President shall supervise the business and affairs of the CHNAlberta and represent it during her or his term in office. The President shall be an ex-officio member of all committees and perform all duties incidental to the office. The President shall preside at all meetings of the Executive Board and general membership.

Duties of Past-President: The Past-President shall act as an advisor to the President and Executive Board and as the CHNAlberta historian. The Past-President shall chair the nominating committee.

Duties of the Vice-President National: The Vice-President shall be the designated representative for CHNAlberta at the national CHNC meetings. The Vice-President National may preside at meetings and fulfill the duties of President in the absence of the President. The Vice-President National may become President in the successive term of office.

Duties of the Vice-President Provincial: The Vice-President Provincial shall create provincial opportunities to recruit, collaborate, and build capacity with members. The Vice-President Provincial shall support the Practice Leads to align new knowledge and other practice innovations within the organization, and be the liaison with CARNA including assisting the President to write the annual SPG report and updates for the CARNA Provincial Council. The Vice-President Provincial may preside at meetings and fulfill the duties of President in the absence of the President. The Vice-President Provincial may become President in the successive term of office.

Duties of Secretary: The Secretary shall be responsible for all correspondence and records and keep accurate minutes of all CHNAlberta meetings. The Secretary shall submit notices of meetings for publication to the AlbertaRN and other publications and through the CHNAlberta online communication resources.

Duties of the Membership Coordinator: The Membership Coordinator shall keep an up-to-date electronic record of CHNAlberta membership and be responsible for membership renewals. The Membership Coordinator shall be responsible for enrolling and updating CHNAlberta members in online communication resources. The Membership Coordinator shall be responsible for liaisoning with the CHNC membership coordinator.

Duties of the Treasurer: The Treasurer shall select a suitable bank and arrange signing authority. The Treasurer shall maintain accurate account of CHNAlberta funds and prepare an annual budget and year end report for approval by the Executive Board.

Duties of the Communication Coordinator: The Communication Coordinator shall be responsible for the creation, safekeeping, and distribution of the CHNAlberta display and promotional materials. The Communication Coordinator shall oversee any communication with members including online communication resources, membership promotion, and the promotion of educational events.

Duties of the Education Coordinator: The Education Coordinator shall be responsible for creating and promoting various online and face to face opportunities for CHNAlberta members to engage with each other, speakers/facilitators, and/or the Board of Directors. The Education Coordinator shall coordinate the development of CHNAlberta education events and activities.

Practice Leads Public and Home Health Nursing (2): The Practice Leads shall work in partnership to identify and explore ways to reinforce reflective practice, and review practice documents from various sources including CARNA, CNA, and PHAC. The Practice Leads shall provide interpretation of and encourage utilization of the national CHN standards and competencies and CNA certification requirements, and ensure that the organization's goals are reflected in the promotion of the CHN Standards and Competencies

Members at Large: Members at Large shall be responsible for participating in board activities and committees. Members at large shall provide input and advice to the Executive Board committees on issues relevant to their practice and/or geographic area including urban and rural areas, and various practice areas. 

2016-2018  President: Diana Snell 

2016-2018 Vice–President National: Lorraine Telford

2016-2018 Vice-President Provincial: Vacant

2016-2018 Secretary: Carla Ferreira

2016-2018 Membership Coordinator: Dawn Mercer Riselli

2016-2018 Treasurer: Naomi Chang & Leah Boulton-Chaykowski

2017-2019 Communication Coordinator: Melissa Maslyk

2016-2018 Education Coordinator: Collette Benbow

2016-2018 Practice Leads:

Public Health- Vacant

Home Health- Vacant

Members at Large:  

Wendy Timmermans

Margo Butterfield

Carolyn Hayes

Genevieve Currie

Teresa Cavanaugh

For more details, please see the CHNAlberta's Bylaws, 2015.