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What is CHNAlberta?

The Community Health Nurses of Alberta (CHNAlberta) is a specialty practice group of CARNA Registered Nurses (RNs) who work in or with communities. Community Health Nurses (CHNs) are RNs who practice in public health, home health/care, community-based services and other community areas. CHNs work in many settings including urban, rural, First Nations, Primary Care Networks, Family Care Clinics, schools, organizations and workplaces. CHNs promote the health of individuals, families, communities and populations by creating environments that support health.

CHNAlberta is committed to creating connections with CHNs in Alberta.

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What does CHNAlberta offer?

  • an ORGANIZATION for CHNs in Alberta to support their community health nursing practice
  • CONNECTIONS with Alberta CHNs through this website and other online resources
  • EDUCATION sessions such as workshops, conferences, connections and webinars
  • COLLABORATION with nursing, public health, home health/care, and community health organizations provincially and nationally

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Who should be a CHNAlberta member?

Any RN who lives or works in Alberta and practices in the community or with communities will benefit from joining CHNAlberta. See the Benefits of Membership. All Alberta RNs are eligible to become CHNAlberta members.

View or print an information sheet: What is CHNAlberta

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